All Geared Medium Duty Lathe Machine

Have a look at our plentiful assortment of All Geared Medium Duty Lathe Machines that are designed and constructed in complete compliance with stated quality norms. They can also be personalized as per the specifications as they are used in engineering industries to conduct cutting, drilling & deformation operations.


Height of center 200 mm 250 mm
Swing over bed 400 mm 500 mm
Swing over cross slide 210 mm 280 mm
Movement of cross slide 200 mm 250 mm
Admit betn centers 1000 mm 1500 mm
Bed width 280 mm 280 mm
Spindle bore 40 mm 50 mm
No. of speed/range 8/40-1000 8/70-1000
No. of Feed 40 40
Main motor 3 HP 3 HP