Hand Press Brake Machine

The company is a major Manufacturer and Supplier of Hand Press Brake Machines in Surat. The Hand Press Brake Machines are the most essential requirement for half found and right angel bending as well as in manufacturing the steel furniture. Some of the common application areas of the Hand Press Brake Machines include body builders, steel fabrication, ice cans and electric panel boards.

  • Side Walls (Housings) : Fabricated from mild steel plate. The internal portion of the body is further strengthened to support vertical and horizontal supports.
  • Screws : Designed from mild steel are with the square thick threads. The ends of the screws are tempered properly so s to increasing the strengthens
  • Upper Bream : Fabricated from heavy steel plate, machining its every surface ensuring perfect job as it functions in the side.
  • V-Block : Machining every surface different Five Grooves are Provided
  • Knife : Fabricated from mild steel and sharpened up to 20 is supplied with an additional Half Round Die.


Model No. SMHPB-1 SMHPB-1
Capacity (Length x Thick) 2000 x 1.25 mm 2000 x 3.25 mm
Stroke of Ram 75 mm 75 mm
One Knife Die 150 x 12 mm 150 x 15 mm
One V-Block (5-Grooves) 70 x 70 mm 90 x 90 mm
Half Round 100 x 25 mm 100 x 25 mm